Package net.sf.jcgm.core

Interface Summary
IBeginMetafileNameExtractor Classes implementing this interface are able to extract a file name out of the meta file name.
ICgmExtractor An extractor used when splitting CGM files containing several CGM files.
ICommandListener Interface to be able to react on CGM commands that were parsed

Class Summary
AlternateCharacterSetIndex Element=5, Element=20
ApplicationData Class=7, Element=2
BackgroundColour Class=2, Element=7
BeginApplicationStructureBody Class=0, Element=22
BeginMetafile Class=0, Element=1
BeginPicture Class=0, Element=3
BeginPictureBody Class=0, Element=4
BeginTileArray Tile Array.
BitonalTile Bitonal Tile.
CellArray Cell Array.
CGM The main class for Computer Graphics Metafile support.
CGMDisplay This class is responsible for displaying the parsed commands of a CGM file into a graphic context.
CGMPanel A panel to display a CGM graphic.
CharacterCodingAnnouncer Class=1, Element=15
CharacterExpansionFactor Class=5, Element=12
CharacterHeight Character height from baseline to cap line.
CharacterOrientation Class=5, Element=16
CharacterSetIndex Element=5, Element=19
CharacterSetList Class=1, Element=14
CharacterSpacing Class=5, Element=13
CircleElement Class=4, Element=12
CircularArc3Point Class=4, Element=13
CircularArc3PointClose Class=4, Element=14
CircularArcCentre Class=4, Element=15
CircularArcCentreClose Class=4, Element=16
ClipIndicator Class=3, Element=6
ClipRectangle Class=3, Element=5
CMYKColorSpace A simple CMYK color space.
ColourIndexPrecision Class=1, Element=8
ColourModel Class=1, Element=19
ColourPrecision Class=1, Element=7
ColourSelectionMode Class=2, Element=2
ColourTable Class=5, Element=34
ColourValueExtent Class=1, Element=10
Command Base class for all the CGM commands.
DeviceViewportSpecificationMode Class=2, Element=9
DimensionDouble A Dimension2D implementation that keeps the width and height in double precision.
DisjointPolyline Class=4, Element=2
EdgeCap Class=5, Element=44
EdgeColour Class=5, Element=29
EdgeJoin Class=5, Element=45
EdgeType Class=5, Element=27
EdgeVisibility Class=5, Element=30
EdgeWidth Class=5, Element=28
EdgeWidthSpecificationMode Class=2, Element=5
EllipseElement Class=4, Element=17
EllipticalArc Class=2, Element=7
EllipticalArcClose Class=2, Element=7
EndApplicationStructure Class=0, Element=23
EndMetafile Class=0, Element=2
EndPicture Class=0, Element=5
EndTileArray End Tile Array.
Escape Class=6, Element=1
FillColour Class=5, Element=23
FontList Class=1, Element=13
FontWrapper Helper class to store a font and a flag telling if the font is using symbol encoding.
HatchIndex Class=5, Element=24
IndexPrecision Class=1, Element=6
IntegerPrecision Class=1, Element=4
InteriorStyle Class=5, Element=22
InteriorStyleSpecificationMode Class=2, Element=16
LineAndEdgeTypeDefinition Class=2, Element=17
LineCap Class=5, Element=37
LineColour Class=5, Element=4
LineJoin Class=5, Element=38
LineType Class=5, Element=2
LineWidth Class=5, Element=3
LineWidthSpecificationMode Class=2, Element=3
MarkerColour Class=5, Element=8
MarkerSize Class=5, Element=7
MarkerSizeSpecificationMode Class=2, Element=4
MarkerType Class=5, Element=6
MaximumColourIndex Class=1, Element=9
MaximumVDCExtent Class=1, Element=17
Message Message generated by the CGM interpreter for unimplemented or unsupported features.
MessageCommand Class=7, Element=1
Messages Container for all messages issued during the processing of a CGM file.
MetafileDefaultsReplacement Class=1, Element=12
MetafileDescription Class=1, Element=2
MetafileElementList Class=1, Element=11
MetafileVersion Class=1, Element=1
MIMETypes MIME Types that are supported for CGM graphics.
NamePrecision Class=1, Element=16
NoOp Class=0, Element=0
PolyBezier Class=4, Element=26 Support for cubic B├ęzier curves
PolygonElement Class=4, Element=7
PolygonSet Class=4, Element=8
Polyline Class=4, Element=1
PolyMarker Class=4, Element=3
RealPrecision Class=1, Element=5
RectangleElement Class=4, Element=11
RestrictedText Class=4, Element=5
RestrictedTextType Class=5, Element=42
ScalingMode Class=2, Element=1
StructuredDataRecord Structured Data Record container.
SymbolDecoder Mapping for the symbol encoding.
Text Class=4, Element=4
TextAlignment Class=5, Element=18
TextColour Class=5, Element=14
TextCommand Common class for text support
TextFontIndex Class=5, Element=10
TextPath Class=5, Element=17
TextPrecision Class=5, Element=11
Tile Tile.
TileArrayInfo Contains information to be able to iterate through all tiles or a tile array.
VDCExtent Class=2, Element=6
VDCIntegerPrecision Class=3, Element=1
VDCRealPrecision Class=3, Element=2
VDCType Class=1, Element=3

Enum Summary
AttributeElement Element class 5: Attribute Elements
CompressionType Compression types.
ControlElement Element class 3: Control Elements
DelimiterElement Element class 0: Delimiter Elements
ElementClass Element classes of CGM commands.
ExternalElements Element class 7: External Elements
GraphicalPrimitiveElements Element class 4: Graphical Primitive Elements
LineCapIndicator Class=2, Element=7
MetafileDescriptorElement Element class 1: Metafile Descriptor Elements
PictureDescriptorElement Element class 2: Picture Descriptor Elements

Exception Summary
CgmException Wrapper around exception for CGM specific exceptions.

Part of the jcgm library