Class SymbolDecoder

  extended by net.sf.jcgm.core.SymbolDecoder

public class SymbolDecoder
extends java.lang.Object

Mapping for the symbol encoding. The mapping is based on:

  Name:             Adobe Symbol Encoding to Unicode
  Unicode version:  2.0
  Table version:    0.2
  Date:             30 March 1999
  Copyright (c) 1991-1999 Unicode, Inc. All Rights reserved.
  This file is provided as-is by Unicode, Inc. (The Unicode Consortium). No
  claims are made as to fitness for any particular purpose. No warranties of
  any kind are expressed or implied. The recipient agrees to determine
  applicability of information provided. If this file has been provided on
  magnetic media by Unicode, Inc., the sole remedy for any claim will be
  exchange of defective media within 90 days of receipt.
  Recipient is granted the right to make copies in any form for internal
  distribution and to freely use the information supplied in the creation of
  products supporting Unicode. Unicode, Inc. specifically excludes the right
  to re-distribute this file directly to third parties or other organizations
  whether for profit or not.
  Format: 4 tab-delimited fields:
    (1) The Unicode value (in hexadecimal)
    (2) The Symbol Encoding code point (in hexadecimal)
    (3) # Unicode name
    (4) # PostScript character name
  General Notes:
    The Unicode values in this table were produced as the result of applying
    the algorithm described in the section "Populating a Unicode space" in the
    document "Unicode and Glyph Names," at
    to the characters in Symbol. Note that some characters, such as "space",
    are mapped to 2 Unicode values. 29 characters have assignments in the
    Corporate Use Subarea; these are indicated by "(CUS)" in field 4. Refer to
    the above document for more details.
  Revision History:
    [v0.2, 30 March 1999]
    Different algorithm to produce Unicode values (see notes above) results in
    some character codes being mapped to 2 Unicode values; use of Corporate
    Use subarea values; addition of the euro character; changed assignments of
    some characters such as the COPYRIGHT SIGNs and RADICAL EXTENDER. Updated
    Unicode names to Unicode 2.0 names.
    [v0.1, 5 May 1995] First release.
  Contact <> with any questions or comments.

May 7, 2009
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public SymbolDecoder()

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